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West Park Photography

West Park Photography is Lynn Bernardi & Andy Schwartz. We are based in Southeastern Michigan and are available for travel in the Midwest and Ontario areas.

Shooting weddings is our passion. We consider our style modern and fun, with an emphasis on unscripted moments and real emotion. We also challenge ourselves to capture all the details, from subtle to grand, that make your wedding uniquely yours.

We were brought together from a mutual love of photography, Italian scooters and bands no one has heard of. We are geeks, coffee addicts, and slightly obsessed with book stores. We live in Grosse Pointe Park, MI with a high-strung yellow-and-chocolate lab and far too many cats.

We've both been taking pictures for over ten years each. For both of us, photography has been our first love. Lynn stole her first "real" camera from her mom's closet, while Andy's dad passed on his first SLR camera. We've spent hours hunched over trays in darkrooms watching prints come to life, collected old cameras from decades passed, and are fully versed in the latest technology.

This is what we do and we love it.

Visit: www.westparkphoto.com